Rooted in Health Class Series

Click the image to view the Spring 2017 Rooted in Health Class SeriesRootedInHealth.

Health and Wellness Videos

Having a hard time managing your blood pressure? Wondering about water? These are just some of the topics discussed in our Health and Wellness classes before the weekly markets. You can listen to some of our past classes right here on our website. If you would like to interact and engage in the class, please join us at the market locations throughout the week!


Our recipes are provided to help you create and sustain a healthy lifestyle, and to keep it fun, creative and easy when you cook. Come to our lessons and you will receive new ones every week.  You can learn about everything from our Tropical Breeze Smoothie to Ali’s Amazing Guacamole, there are tons of different delicious recipes to choose from to help you easily prepare a healthy meal.